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I am Rufaida Fariyal. I was born on 17th March, 2001 in Kheri Town. It is the residence of my grandfather and mother (maternal). I have been fortunate enough to live with them for more than ten years. Unfortunately, my grandmother (M) passed away on December 29, 2010. It was a very shocking, too grievous and too doleful day for me. May God award her a high ranking abode in paradise? I can never forget her everlasting love and affection throughout my whole life. As there was none in the home accept my grandfather to look after me, I was bound up to shift to Gola Gokaran Nath, a famous Hindu religious place in District Kheri and live with my parents. However, I completed my primary education in St. Michael School, Lakhimpur-Kheri. Afterward I was admitted to class Vll in St. Jhon Secondary High School, Gola Gokaran Nath, a well-known study center of the town, where from I passed my High School Examination in 2017 and had succeeded to secure 76% Marks in aggregate. I have been thinking of writing this story in the style and form of a novel for long but the ambition to work on the planning persuaded me to begin and complete the job as soon as possible. However, when I was in class 9th I began to work on the plan. I have been continuously moving the pen on the paper for one and half a year. God helped me. I carried on the work successfully and have completed it even before only six months of the commencement of the Examinations of C.S.B.E., Delhi. The idea to write this novel implying some interesting story and stories in it, came to my mind suddenly. Actually, one day I was reading the biography of Raziya Sultana who was the first and last Muslim ruler of the Sultanat (Kingdom) of Delhi. She belonged to the Slave Dynasty. The story of her real life impressed me too much and so keeping in view of the expedience and utility of her royal character I chose some of her shinning and exemplary characters, which represent in true sense the real life of Razia Sultana. And thus, utilizing them all I began to compose a new story which is entitled as 'The Skyfall'. I assure hitherto my readers that I have no intention to misguide anyone in respect of the story which has been brought to existence by my strenuous efforts and genuine ponderings upon the problems coming to hinder the work from time to time during the course of creation of the 'Skyfall', thanks to God Who provided the help of my grandfather Dr. M. Hanif who not only co-operated me in solving the problems and removing the difficulties physically but also spiritually he has been extending his pious hands of evergreen blessings as well. Further, I have been fortunate to get and imbibe in my heart and soul the endless impetus, the powerful inspiration and the fully charged encouragement from his precious lessons and hill top exhortations, which have had been propelling my work to a very good speed.

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