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Sabyasachi Majumdar

I am born in Alipurduar on 30 Sept 1993. I have completed my schooling from Stepping Stone Model School (ICSE) and Jitpur High School (Eng. Medium H.S). While studying English Honors at the Alipurduar College, it was when i started writing. I was 18, when I wrote my first poem. Poetry has always attracted me. Shakespeare's sonnets, John Donne's love poetry, William Wordsworth, William Cowper, Browning, P.B. Shelly, and Robert Frost are a few poets to mention from my long list who have engulfed a good amount of time and place in my heart since my school days. I went to Kolkata for higher studies (WBCS) but did not find solace there. I returned to Alipurduar and joined the Panchanan Barma University with M.A in English. But again I dropped out. The knowledge that my heart needed could not be well received within the four walls of a classroom. I found only education there, in every classroom of my life, but not knowledge. I discovered that nobody can give me better knowledge than the experiences of my own life. And to make myself feel lighter to all the worldly pressure, that my mind and heart received, I chose the divine path of writing which will keep continuing in the future years to come.

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1. Whispers of Immortal Love - Longing for Someone You Love Deeply (Fiction) View Store

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