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S. Sarvesh Bharadwaj

First of all, I thank my parents Mr. S. A. Sankara Narayanan and Mrs. S. Suganya Devi. It's because of them I am able to write this book and I have learnt from them, how to live life as a good example. They inspire me in all possible ways. Whatever I become, the credit goes to them. I also thank my dear readers - You all have spent your hard earned money to buy this book. This is my first book. I am very happy and blessed because God has given me the opportunity to pen down this novel. An Engineer by profession, I, S. Sarvesh Bharadwaj was born on August 11, 1989 in Coimbatore. 'Was That You' is the outcome of my experiences in love and friendship. I am an untiring traveler who loves to explore new places. I am a fan of Superstar Rajnikanth Sir, Sourav Ganguly, Ilayaraja, A.R.Rahman, Hariharan, Shankar Mahadevan and SPB. Most of the times, one can spot me with my headphones. I have also been sarcastically questioned 'was that headphone born with you.' Being a theist, I believe that God gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers. I have a younger sister Mathangi who is aspired to become a chartered accountant, like her Dad! I have been blessed with the best set of friends who stand beside me in all aspects of life. Mithran, Sathees, Viswanathan, Siju, Rajesh, Vidiyaprasanth, Vivek hold a special place in my heart for playing an important role in this book as well as in my life. They have travelled with me in good and bad times. Mithran is more than a friend a brother – God sent! He is with me since school days.

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