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Shipra Verma

SHIPRA VERMA, a very talented poetess. Shipra has been writing poetry since her childhood and won many awards and prizes in poetry. She writes in many languages and has also been recognized for her immense literary and creative feats both nationally and internationally. She has done her Masters in Botany with specialization in cytogenetic and plant breeding, and has worked as a Research fellow in CSIR. Presently, she works as a Professor in a government college in Mumbai, affiliated to the Mumbai University.She has a very sweet voice and she is a Sangeet Visharad (First Class) in Vocal Classical Hindustani Music. She is the right balance between the scientific and artistic knowledge streams. She has published a book of Hindi poems named "Akinchan Kavitaayen" and was felicitated by many literary associations in Patna, Mumbai, Nasik etc. Her poems have been published in many magazines and newspapers. She has also been broadcasting her soulful poems on the national television and All India Radio and TV channels. THE 2017 NEW ENGLAND POETRY ANTHOLOGY, (Published by International Poetry Press Publishing) has selected Shipra Verma's poem "Air and Mountain" in the Top Hundred poems of the year 2017 as it "uniquely captures the essence of poetic expression and meaning" and has been unanimously selected by the editors to be featured in this international poetic journal. Based on the authorship of her poem , she has been awarded the Elite Writers Status for 2017 by the editors of The 2017 Poets Showcase and Yearbook.

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1. Ravine and Peak - A Book of Poems (Poetry) View Store

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