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Siddhant Nanda

Siddhant Nanda Born 26 May 1994 Mother Rashmita Nand Father - Dilip Kumar Nand.You are climbing the steps of many successes from your childhood, working in poetry and drama with its diverse creative talent. The inauspicious use of pain in your compositions, the incompatibility of contemporary life, and the effective use of the dialectic harmony of the young mind is found. Along with poetry, you are also a perfect man in drama creation. Drama written by you like Kati Patang, Pani ki Aag, Meera, Kalai, Yakin, Titli and translated drama like Vijay Tendulkar's play 'Babi', playwright Parameswar Mund's Khaman Rani and 'Maet Maa' playwright Kesha Ranjan Pradhan's "Amba" Etc. Many successes of the state and ethnic level have also achieved considerable success with successful staging. In addition to poetry and drama, you have gained considerable skill in direction, stage configuration and painting.

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1. Pagli Ladki (Poetry) View Store

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