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Spundan Dasgupta

A B.Com graduate with around 9 years of experience in the BPO field and currently working as a quality analyst, 'RESILIENCE' is a futuristic thriller which not only talks about leadership and teamwork, but also, tries to bring in an awareness of how an issue – be it national or international, small or big, personal or public – if not taken care of at an earlier stage can lead to much bigger issues that can go way out of control. The book delves on the aspect of how a leader is also a part of the team and like any other team mate or colleague, a leader's failure should not affect the functioning of a team. A leader can fail, he/she is only human but a team cannot. The book also delves on the aspect of a national issue, an unknown enemy that has risen not from the outside, but from within the nation. This unknown enemy threatens to disrupt the peace and harmony, and tries to form a draconian world.

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