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Vidhu Bhatnagar

Dr. Vidhu Bhatnagar completed her graduation in 1999 from AFMC, Pune and has been practicing as a full time professional, since then. She proceeded to commence her post-graduation in Anesthesiology in Dec 2003. She was blessed with her first born in August 2006 and the second born in Jun 2009. She commenced her super specialization in NeuroAnesthesiology in Jan 2011 and successfully completed the same in Dec 2013. She is presently working in a tertiary care hospital as an Associate Professor and Neuroanesthesiologist. The stress of pursuing higher education, handling relationships and managing kids was overpowering and it took some time for her to realize the ways and means to handle everything optimally. She became an ardent follower of alternate healing practices including Reiki and Pranic Healing during this journey. She also is a Tarot card reader and Oracle Card reader and paints 'Mandalas' for relaxation. This lessons learnt during her journey, in pursuit of peace and happiness and ways and means she utilized to combat 'the eternal villain Stress' while analyzing her experiences retrospectively, have been woven into this book, as the first part. The whole parenting business is quite tricky and her need to become a better person, a better parent had always been extremely strong. Author realized how societal conditioning restricts our growth; how the bonds must be identified so as to become 'our awesome self'. Identifying the clutches of conditioning and then disentangling from them has been the motto of the second part of this book.

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1. Surviving Stress - Rediscover the Awesome You! (Non-Fiction) View Store

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