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Vijay Krishna

"The President of Kriya Yoga Mission India, an immensely popular academic facilitator in a renowned school of the country, Mr. Vijay Bahadur Singh (pen name Vijay 'Krishna') is an outstanding exponent of The Bhagavad Gita and Kriya Yoga. Mr. Singh is an enthusiastic practitioner of Kriya Yoga Meditation and conducts Kriya Yoga Meditation retreats and workshops for willing individuals and groups. As a life-coach, he shares the timeless secrets of physical, mental and spiritual well-being, fulfilling relationship and rewarding career. Many have sought an inspiration and light from him to lead a successful and satisfactory personal and professional life. Having failed to crack the most coveted I.A.S. Exam, he suffered self-doubt, fear of failure and frustration. This failure set him on a new discovery. He studied the personality and behaviour of the successful aspirants of various competitive examinations and leaders in various fields to formulate a success system, a set of success attributes which would guarantee success in all human endeavors. Despite winning wide acclaim and recognition, he soon realized the futility of motivational talks and inspiring discourses in bringing about true transformation in man. It was like spraying perfume on a withered flower to keep it fragrant instead of watering its roots. He wanted a system which would strengthen man from inside, nourish his roots and help him bloom from inside to exude fragrance of highly desirable qualities effortlessly and instinctively. His search for science of self-empowerment ended with his initiation into Kriya Yoga which he practices and preaches to all. "

Books Released

1. Eight Steps Towards Ultimate Power (Non-Fiction) View Store
2. The Twelve Laws of Limitless Living (Non-Fiction) View Store
3. The Riches within Your Reach (Non-Fiction) View Store
4. Self-Management - Manifest and Materialize Your Dreams (Non-Fiction) View Store
5. Kriya Yoga - The Science of Inner Resource Management (Non-Fiction) View Store

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