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Vineeth HK

I have 25 years of experience being in this world and right from the very beginning I remember life as series of short segments as if taken in a film shoot. Life turns stale if you do whatever you are said to. Still I did my engineering and have got a job in telecom sector. I am following the same monotonous life according to the unsaid guidelines by the society. My parents stay back in Mumbai so do my college and childhood friends, whereas I have found solace between the IT buildings, lakes and busy streets of Bangalore. Apart from writing what my mind says I have a guitar which helps me at times to set the mood, bring my mind to the level of peace and to compose few broken songs. I like travelling as every other youngster. Gossiping is one of the entertainments I cherish apart from parties and movies. I have a philosophical mind, but I would rather entertain you with a cool one liner than bother you with the reasoning.

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1. The Story of Impossible Dreams (Fiction) View Store

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