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Viren Zamba

I'm a learner and it's a story how I transmuted myself from normal body to supernormal person? I was very horrible in the English language, no doubt I belong from Engineering background, so this one hitch effect my overall score in my perspective field. One day when I was out of my embarrassing job then I decided to do something different. As I wrote before, I was too bad in English and I decided to fix this intangible problem first. So, one day I joined an English learning center and start trained myself. I felt inferior at starting but I convinced myself to pursue this arduous journey. Today, I have polished myself rigorously and continue working on my skills. Meanwhile, I found some factors of this problem in which our education system is at the top. I did a lot of research in this field and found out some crucial factors that can easily tolerate this situation. One of the best things about this book is that I am not yet perfect in this language after that I wrote this book. I could easily remove all the mistakes from this book with the help of any expert, but I want to show the people that one learner could make their position in this world. I believe in mistakes because these are our best friends which help us to improve. Thus, I request to every reader, please accept me with these mistakes and try to understand the difference between Learning and Education.

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1. How Education is Differ from Learning (Fiction) View Store

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