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Yashika Sangtani

Yashika Sangtani and when she was 8 she realized her innocent love for the words. She wrote her first song back then, seeking inspiration from Disney Channel show, Hannah Montana. But due to her later studies, writing songs and poems grew afar from her. But as it is said, true love never leaves; and therefore her love for writing witnessed itself by finding her way back. Other than writing, she also has a passion for dancing and painting. Writing for her is always a passionate form of expression and inspiration. Through her poems, she has engaged in a journey of love with nature, human feelings and self-love. She aims to spread love and positivity via her poetry because she believes that in the absence of someone's arms; someone's good, kind words can give us a really warm hug.

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1. and - because some words are left unsaid (Poetry) View Store

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