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Yogeesh N

Dr.Yogeesh N, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Government First Grade College, Tumkur is one of the leading Government Institutes of Karnataka state among 412 Government colleges across the state Government First Grade College, Tumkur, in that, Dr.Yogeesh N, s working as a Assistant Professor and Head of the Department, Department of Mathematics since from 2013-14. He started his Teaching carrier from academic year 2005-06 as a Lecturer in College of Diploma in Education and he taught Methodology of Mathematics Teaching and Educational Psychology. After that he worked as a Principal, Educational officer at Sacred Heart Group of Institutions from 2007 to 2009. Now, since from 2009 he worked in many Government First Colleges, and he served as a member of Board of Studies, Board of Examination at Tumkur University, Tumkur and also in many Autonomous colleges. He hosted a State level and National level Seminars as Organizing secretary and he also worked in various online and offline journals as a Chief Editor and Editorial member. He wrote several manuals for Mathematics lab using FOSS and some academic books along with paper publications with various journals.

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1. Factors Affecting on Learning - A hand book of Teacher Parent Learner (Academic) View Store

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