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Zinath Hussain

Zinath Hussain from Mangalore is a foodie and cooking enthusiast. She developed her passion for cooking in her childhood itself by watching her Mom cook delicious food. Her taste buds started understanding and observing the various tastes of manglorean delicacies that she tasted in various family functions. Zinath does not believe in wasting time, so she pursues her various interests in the free time. But of late, her love for food has inspired her to use all her free time trying out new recipes and experimenting with new creations inspired by traditional tastes. Zinath actively participates in various cooking and travel blogs. She also owns a social media page which displays her cooking creations. She has also participated in a few cooking shows. A multilingual person, she is fluent in English, Hindi, Kannada, Urdu and Tulu. She is an optimist and is a very strong-willed person. Her belief "Success is result of Hard work and Honesty towards your Work & Life". By profession ZInath is an HR Professional with a leading NHB in Mumbai.

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