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Use below tool to estimate the production cost and royalty on sales of your book.

Step 1: Enter details & calculate SSP



Step 2: Set MRP & Calculate Royalty



Taxes are extra as applicable. Royalty from distribution channels is less as compared with our store because of additional distribution charges (extra taxes) are imposed there.
Authors may give discount to readers up to their royalty share in our store.

Note:Production cost is calculated for b/w book. Standard 5x8, 6x9 inch size books are best suited for non-academic and fiction genre. For Academic books with 100+ pages, size variants 8x11 are preferred. Please contact us for colour printing interior or size variants.

Print on Demand (PoD) methodology

In general, traditional publishers are seen to follow up the procedure of printing the books in bulk (1000+ copies). This is the only reason why they charge heavy fees (ranges in lakhs) from debut writers and authors. To overcome this restriction, Educreation Publishing adopts print-on-demand (PoD) technique. In PoD, your book is kept with Educreation, and copies are printed only on demand; this enables Educreation to even publish a single copy at a time, and in this way, no cost burden of printing comes in the way of publishing.

Suggested Selling Price (SSP)

As stated that the book is available on PoD; therefore, there is a production cost associated with each book. Apart from the production cost, there is a margin associated with distribution share, thus the cost that is required to produce a single copy at a time and to make it available for selling across distribution network, while giving the optimum royalty to authors, is known as its Suggested Selling Price (SSP). As A5 books (5x8 or 6x9) come in convenient and handy, moreover, it is also cost efficient in production, we prefer it. However, for academic and research publications having number of pages more than 100, A4 (8x11) size pages are preferred. The print-on-demand (PoD) prices are higher because they are printed by digital printers, we can have an average idea of cost of digital printing by the fact that, a Xerox/ photocopy costs Rs. 1–2 per page, so the PoD books.

Distribution Commission

Distribution Commission for Indian Online Channels is 40% of MRP + Closing Fee.
Closing Fee is Rs.10, if MRP < Rs.150. Rs.15 if Rs.150 < MRP < Rs.250 and Rs.20 for MRP > Rs.250.
No distribution commission is imposed for the books sold from Educreation platform, only 12.5% amount is deducted that too for taxes, payment gateway and processing fees.

Maximum Retail Price (MRP) and Royalty

Maximum Retail Price (MRP) is a price of book at which it is sold from Educreation E-shop. It is important factor as it governs the book sale and royalty. MRP of the book is quoted by its author.

100% Royalty to author

Author receives 100% royalty on the profit of each and every book sold.

Profit = MRP - Expenses (Production Cost + Distribution Charges)
Author's Royalty = 100% Share of Profit.

Royalties higher than Annual Maintenance Cost (AMC) are paid to authors by the end of the month. In case, they are kept lower than it, they are clubbed with AMC of next year to be paid by author. The royalty is paid by NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) to the author's Indian bank account directly.

Royalty from International Copies & eBook Sales

100% Royalty is provided to the author on all international print orders and eBook sales. The concerned details of the same are updated on author's dashboard. The international print copies and eBook sales are reflected in the second week of next month of the sale. Your book will be available for orders in Paperback from Amazon in countries like US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Japan, etc. The orders will be fulfilled by our respective print partners on that particular country itself. On the basis of price, you are setting up for Indian channels, the price will automatically be set up for international copies also in such a way that you get the same royalty as of Indian copies from all international channels and platforms also.

Author Copies Order

Authors are allowed to order additional copies of their book at an ease from their dashboard at its production cost – excluding the shipment cost. The minimum quantity of such orders is 30 books. (Ordering copies lower than 30 are also allowed by paying small additional processing charges.) The production of PoD books takes 5–7 working days + shipment time. So please order at an early note, in case of meeting any deadline. The shipping is made viable by the help of standard courier partners.

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