Self Publishing in India

Know Publishing Process

Self Publishing process with Educreation simplifies your requirements. You just need a manuscript for submission. After receiving it, we will guide you throughout the publishing process to transform your manuscript to a masterpiece book. Following is the flowchart of Self Publishing your book.


Registration & Package

Firstly, you have to register in website, select a package and provide us 5-10 pages sample of your manuscript. We will review it and will forward you a publishing proposal.

Thereafter, you have to make the payment to start publishing. If you choose the Plain or Advanced Pack, you have to pay the complete amount in advance, whereas two instalments are allowed for Buzz or Higher Pack.


Publishing Procedure

Once you make the payment, we will confirm it within 72 hours and will ask you to submit the manuscript and other inputs through Publishing Input Form (PIF). After receiving inputs, the publishing process gets started.

You will be updated about interior and cover designing. You will also get a digital proof of interior and cover. After the finalization of PoD files, you will be asked for the second instalment (if any).


Launch & Distribution

After receiving the second payment (if any), your book will be forwarded for printing and distribution to worldwide platforms as print and eBook.

Pre-order support will also be provided for your book once it will be on distribution stage. Complimentary copies will also be shipped to you. You will also get social media account setups for your book promotion.


Support and Royalty

Once your book is completely published and live, you will be granted an access of author dashboard. You will get an update and payment of Royalty on Monthly Cycle.

For any support or information, you will have an option to reach author support by your dashboard or phone call.

Non-Exclusive Agreement - Your Book - Your Rights | Our Non-Exclusive Agreement ensures that you had complete rights of your book while you are publishing it with us. We do not take any right, rather just want to support you for publishing. You may find a copy of agreement here: Legal Agreement

To initiate the publishing process, compare and select the Publishing Package that suits best to your need. If you already have selected a package, Register for Publishing. You may spice up your package by making an Addon Service to it. Ask Your publishing consultant for it.
In case, you need any further information or support, please feel free to Contact Us.