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19 January - Lekhak Ke Liye Ek Priy Divas

by Surya Pratap Samal

ISBN: 9781545718889

Pages: 165, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Maximum books are write in English, because English is very formal language for all and people think speaking in English show their personalities but this is wrong, as per my thinking it doesn't matter what you are saying or what you are not saying. Speaking in any languages never show their personalities, writing a book in any language is not easy for anyone. In my way. The book which I am writing, the language of book, style of explaining the story, situation is makes me different. Coming to my language which I am creating through this book, which is very easy to read and understand for any age group. In today's life we have many types of conversation with people, while messaging and texting in social-media. That language which we use commonly in our day-to day life, I wrote my book in that language.