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30 Days in Moral Ways for Total Success

by Surya Kanta Sahoo

ISBN: 9789388381246

Pages: 103, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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We see people go after searching any formula or secret or short cut to get success. Fact is what we know that there is no short cut or formula for success. Instead it is the game of our mind to understand and body to execute. Whoever realizes this concept is eligible for success. This is the main object of reading this book. I don't know which chapter will touch a reader most, but I have tried to explain this simple concept for success when a reader sums up all chapters. This is what we can call Success Awareness Program which is to be activated to achieve success. Success matters for all. Success in career, personal life, social life and spiritual life is the aim. It should be well understood and brought in mind while we proceed in day to day life. To lead peaceful happy life is the ultimate purpose of our success. That’s why I have used the word ‘we’ at most possible spots instead of 'I' so that we should have common aim to visualize and achieve. I have tried to make it communicable to reader what I want to express. This book can be useful to students, business persons, executives and other professionals. Especially persons who want total success in other words overall success in life, this book is good worth for them.