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A Dark Past - It Comes To Haunt

by N A Khan

ISBN: 9781545723654

Pages: 95, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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The basic story behind this book is the result of an English Composition subject assessment that I had written during my 7th grade. At that time, I was a substantially imaginative and creative young student with an odd craze for writing mystery and thriller content. The story back then was of a teenage girl who goes to a trip to a forest with her mates and curiously discovers an ancient castle where she encounters malicious activity and fights it, and returns victoriously to her friends. This book is based on the foundation of that story as I fortunately recollected it and got inspired to write this book. A DARK PAST is based on an ordinary eighteen year old teen named Ellie, who's constantly haunted by certain nightmares about a particular castle towards which she gravitated, since childhood. During an adventurous trip to a forest located in South of London with her friends Alex, Matt and Judy, she actually discovers that castle. Upon visiting it, the creepy place provides a link to her horrifying past life as well as the spine-chilling dreams.