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Aadhunik Bakri Palan

by Mohan Chand Rajbar

ISBN: 9781545729533

Pages: 213, 6x9, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Characteristics of an goat farm entrepreneur, Goat Business Management, Goat marketing, Financing goat business, Business planning, Types of breeds, Management of does and bucks, Breeding systems, Kid management, Shed Management, Kid rearing, Husbandry Practices, Hoof trimming, Goat Nutrition, Feed Requirements, Digestive System, Fodder production and conservation, Crop livestock production system, Health, Financial records, Record keeping, Type of Injections, commercial Goat farming Feeding strategies Feed Intake Types of feeds/fodders for goats Feeding system Extensive system Goat Production Problems Housing Management of Goats Housing for goats in rural areas Housing for goats in cold weather Housing of goats in warm and humid climate Origin and Classification of Goats Selection of Stock Digestibility of Nutrients Nutrient Requirement Digestion of Goats Digestive Process Digestive Organs in Goats Breeding methods Feeding schedule for kids Rearing of Kids Management practices for Goats Method of milking Scientific approach of feeding dairy goats Emerging Disease Viral Diseases Bacterial Diseases Rickettsial, Chlamiydial and fungal Diseases Parastitic Diseases Vaccination Control of Parasites Control of Action Parasites Control of Endo Parasites Use of an Anesthesia in Goats Health Management Profit Sales Ratio Rate of Return Break Even Point