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Ae Dil Hai Mumkin

by Jayesh

ISBN: 9781545718506

Pages: 125, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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If the minimal requisites for us (the dreamers) to dream, are just two opened eyes, filled with a fire of intense desires... Then to persuade our beloved dreams into reality, why do we need the blessings of the "so-called" egoistic destiny ??? These, votive-fate-destiny-palmlines-talent are just mere words of profitless imaginations... These assemblages of alphabets are entirely darkish nights… And you can perceive the sunrise, only when you escape from these dim nights… From now, you'll write your own fate… These passing moments are a way precious... Stop wasting these gems, on the name of the fictitious destiny… Your dearest supporter - the "tick-tick" sound, is calling you in every tick, with some immense hopes… Stop disowning it, and embracing the dim nights causelessly… The duo of the dearie "tick-tick", and this stranger book, cares for their insanely insane Sahib, a whole lot… For dreamers, this bittie book holds the solution for every forthcoming bother… This innocently beauteous book of mine, is not a treasure of inspirations in any sense… This unmannered just awakens sleeping souls, by politely scolding out some nonsensical aspirations… My sole teacher – "the Life", has taught me these poems and discourses… (God promise, I wrote them with all my heart…) These 31 poems and 71 weeny discourses, may enclose You within Yourself… These lifeless pages entangled with my fanciful words, may teach you "living"…