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All for Love

by Kuldeep Badal

ISBN: 9781545719008

Pages: 76, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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It feels very bad when you come to know that the person you love, loves someone else. Then finding out, the person he loved has left him, increases your hope. The same thing happened with Riya. This story is about Siya, Ayan and Priya. 1. One day, Sia meets Ayan and falls in love with him but Ayan loves another girl, Priya. 2.But two years ago both of them separated because of some misunderstanding. 3.Now Ayan finding Priya in the hope that one day they will be together again. 4.Sia helps Ayan to find Priya. In this hope that one day Ayan will get tired of finding Priya and then he will understand her love.