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An Extra Mile

by Pragnya Sahoo

ISBN: 9781618136565

Pages: 143, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Be it choosing a career or a life partner, Indian parents are the decision makers for their kids. What happens when the kid wants to pursue a career, beyond the vicinity of his parents? Does the child become manipulative?. Does investing in your child’ education mean that they owe you for the rest of their life?. Is the caste system more important than your child’s happiness?. Does the definition of “freedom” changes with generations?. Can you forgive someone who has given you the biggest pain of your life?. Does forgiving someone, helps him to be a better person?. Welcome to “An Extra Mile”, a story of a father, who chose the society norms over his son, and a son, who chose his freedom over his family. Will the son ever realize his father’s contribution or will continue to swing in his own life of illusion? This is a story of Nicole, a girl with divine soul, who loses her parents in the hands of a drug addict. Will she be able to do justice to her parents?