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Analytical Tools in Research

by L N Pattanaik

ISBN: 9781618136299

Pages: 349, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Irrespective of the specialization, researchers in universities or elsewhere often come across a situation where judicious selection of an analytical tool is required for problem solving, modelling, optimization, prediction, data analysis and inference, decision making etc. to proceed with the research work. The book 'Analytical Tools in Research' intends to assist in this crucial step by providing key features of about 80 classical and contemporary analytical tools from statistics, operation research, metaheuristics, artificial intelligence and hybridization of these tools. Some of the popular tools included are Regression analysis (ten types), ANOVA, DoE, Taguchi, RSM, Grey analysis, MCDM (AHP, VIKOR, TOPSIS etc.), Fuzzy logic, ANN, Multi-objective GA, ANFIS, fuzzy-ELECTRE, Grey-Taguchi and so on. Illustrative examples with software applications are presented to reduce the gap between theory and application.