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Asafalta - Ek Chunauti - Volume - I (Hindi)

by Akshay Kumar, Srilatha Suresh

ISBN: 9781618138309

Pages: 190, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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"NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" This is not only a saying. It is the truth. After reading this book you will agree. Now days we find people frustrated, dejected, unhappy, lack of love and fear in life. How to overcome such things and lead a happy, peaceful, confident and make the life more beautiful are explained here. This is an excellent book, who thinks very low about themselves. It will boost those who are dejected in life. With the help of personal experiences and eye-catching and interesting examples it will be a guide for not only to children but also to Teenagers, youths and adults. Everyone needs some motivation at some points in their life. Here it speaks of many topics – success, life, relationship, self-esteem to name a few. Surely, it is worth reading number of times and preserving it as it is very useful in all walks of life. Akshay Kumar & Dr. Srilatha Suresh have written it in such simple and easy to understand words in Hindi that from a kid to scholar will love to read this. So why to wait. ORDER NOW…