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Baisakhiyon Ke Pair

by Bhagirath Parihar

ISBN: 9781545707371

Pages: 175, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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This book contains mini-stories, a new and popular form of writing fiction in Hindi language. The stories cover wide range of issues prevalent in Indian Society. Indian politics, in particular, is corrupt and aims to capture the power apparatus of the state. It hardly nurtures value system. The democracy is being strangulated. Such issues are dealt with in these stories. In a patriarchal society and family, Indian women suffer in silence. Woman is looked as an object of sex and not a living personality. The girl child in the womb is being killed and domestic violence is wide spread. You will find many stories covering these issues. Present Indian polity is drifting away from secularism and advocate communalism by preaching hatred towards minority community. A voice against it can be found in these stories. Similarly the issues of oppressed people especially of schedule caste and tribes are also addressed. Even psychological and philosophical need of reader is taken care of in these stories. The reader will find these stories interesting, because of its craft and the inherent satire.