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Bhagwaan Dikhe The

by Jayesh Purohit

ISBN: 9781545719602

Pages: 190, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Some know Him...Some believe in Him…Some can even perceive Him…Some eternally falsify His existence...How can there be the same kind of devotees, where there are multiple versatile kinds of "Gods"??? Some entice that, "God is omnipresent..." Really???I don't think so!!! Well, my God is in a limited "exclusive" number of things…Especially excluding Holy sculptures and Holy places...Now where should I take you??? The places where He is…Or the places where He is not...You want to meet Him (my version of Him)??? Definitely I can fix some meetings!!! Let's have a bet!!! If you find my version of Him more "Own" than yours, you owe me a special space in your heart...Like, just, hmm, a teeny-weeny corner, or even less!!! Let’s find Him together!!! Let's explore Him together!!! By threading some Urdu flowers in a Hindi garland, I've tied these white leafs with ample hardships...Only and only for you...And they hold a lonesome solo poem of "just" 111 pages… (Nothing lucky, just a fancy number…) And some pictures too… (In case you get bored!!!)