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Bhartiya Television Ka Itihas

by Paramveer Singh

ISBN: 9781618138767

Pages: 311, 8x11, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Television started as a medium of social welfare in India but now it is a prime medium of family entertainment. This medium is started in India with a single channel but now approximately 900 channels are broadcast. Television witnessed many milestones in its journey. This book is all about this journey. This book comprises 19 chapters on history of Indian Television. This book is started with the invention of television and early experiments on television in the world. First chapter is on history of television in prominent countries. There is also one chapter discusses about the development of television medium in India. This book has some chapters on various projects and committees that are started and constituted in India for the development of television as a medium of social welfare. This book discusses all about the laws and regulations that are regulating the Indian television industry. This book also has some chapters on various media groups that are prominent in Indian television broadcasting. In this book there is a chapter on history of various agencies that are working on Television Rating Points (TRP). This book also discuss about all these popular television programmes. This book also has a rich content on history of various technologies of broadcasting. This book also gives you a broad knowledge about development of television journalism in India. In this book, there is a chapter on history of various international channels that are broadcast in India.