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Bhatkan - Manzil Ki Raah

by Gaurav Nema

ISBN: 9781545707319

Pages: 212, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Bhatkan is interesting story presented in very unique way, based on the boy named sanjeev. Sanjeev's quest to live a life at his conditions, how things happened and how events unfold different challenges to sanjeev and how he overcome all challenges is presented in simple fable. Sanjeev is very confused about his future and desperate to achieve his goal. Along the way he meets a girl jivani, Verious events took place and sanjeev's life goes topsy-turvy. How sanjeev met raghunath and how raghunath impacts his life and way of thinking, this story presented closely knitted bond between sanjeev and raghunath that makes sanjeev to think afresh. and makes him to chose a social welfare as a career and how this decision makes him realize the different aspect of life. During his course sanjeev and raghunath faces a lots of challenge and they see a different world which is totally different and heart less. This book is all about sanjeev's quest to start from nothing to attain a peace of mind. and to live meaningful life as he envisioned.