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Bhavnao Ka Atma Manthan

by Surbhi Anand

ISBN: 9781545703038

Pages: 162, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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This book ….of mine is a self journey of feeling which is associated with my unbounded emotions. Poems mentioned in this book has been taken from the garden which has numerous kinds of flowers, fruits and thorns… .like a garden my poems are also engrossed the numerous forms of emotions… as a garland has been prepared with the beeds of many different feelings, this book of mine reflects emotions of women folk… .that how man forget and distinguished the worth of the women inspite of the fact that, his very existence depends on her and the biggest example of this is that all lives on mothers lap in guise of… .this book shows the third type of thinking of society that we have such a plant inside us who's root has the capacity to produce numerous branches to make this god's place as pure as god himself. My book teaches the lesson of truth, purity and equality among men and women… .and I believe it as a synonym of my own life… .rest is up to you to read and inspire me. So that, I may share my feelings with you in future. I hope that, I would come up to your expectations and you must support my thoughts. Heartful gratitude, Yours faithfully, Surbhi anand.