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Bhavnao Ki Mishri

by Jayesh

ISBN: 9781545718780

Pages: 137, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Even if the feelings execute you in unwished pains… Yet, pains are sweet… This stubborn sugary never loses its sweetness… The sugary of feelings waylays forever in the hunt of its prey… It waits for a being of brawny brainpower, to turn into a dreamlike heartiest slaphappy… Once a brain-powered person gets morphed into a heart-powered senti, this sugary starts clapper clawing each and every ounce of the soul of its over-fortunate prey (offcorse with its sweet poison!!!)… A honeyed blend of 31 poems and 51 shayaries - this book bears a serene experience of mine… And the experience teaches, you may decorate your life with numberless nosy snoops, but never ever commit the mistake of playing chess games with these Sweet emotions… "You're a pawn… Stay a pawn… (Forever)…"