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Bloody Loser

by Sumana Samanta

ISBN: 9781618136503

Pages: 252, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Once upon a time there was boy called Sami who lost his parents at a young age. When there was darkness and despair all over, he got a friend Sanju by his side as a ray of hope. When he was trying to stand up properly he lost another one who was very dear to him. Yet there was little life remaining which didn’t reach its destination. When he became a successful cricketer in his life, a super model replaced his ray of hope. After all this when he tried to walk with her, she stopped midway. And this time when he tried to run he broke down in another unknown fear and pain. And when his last hope became fade also, he found himself lost in the crowed. Everyone went back on the promises that were made to him. Welcome to Bloody loser, a journey to complete despair. What happens when a person loses the game of life? What happens when a man forgets to cry? What happens when there is no hope left in someone's life? What happens when one deceives his own life? Will Sami survive anyway? Will he find his way to life?