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Bound of Bricks - The City's Origin - The History

by E Kishore Kumar, M Laksheeth, Y Guha Pranav

ISBN: 9781545712979

Pages: 79, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Tim Berkley, Fredrick Jonathan and Sophia McKenzie were good friends in the high school of Norwich. Their school was a completely different one. It announced a holiday when other schools had a working day and vice versa. Fred was the topper of the class and grasps everything very easily. He was also regarded as the 'Rapid Learner'. Sophia was quite good in studying but not as much as Fred was. Tim was not good in studies but he was good at solving problems and he usually thought in a different way. He was called as the 'Class Detective'. They were called as the three musketeers in the class. They also wrote many stories; while Tim gives the idea, Fred writes it in a good way. Therefore, Tim was the legislature; Fred was the executive; and Sophia was the judiciary (i.e.) the editor. They also had a dog named Zack, who was very brave and helped them to make their work easier. They were constantly waiting for taking part in adventures, but still, they didn't get a chance. They like getting into trouble. They went to a hiking trip on their holidays. Tim discovers a ring which had a code, some sort of letter. The code was both the clue for a map of treasure and the clue of a wicked crime in the city. Read more and find what happens next!