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Buddhism in the Age of Internet

by Ven Dr. Sumedh Thero, Ven Upali Thero

ISBN: 9781545718766

Pages: 140, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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The challenge that Buddhism faces today is not with the Dharma itself, the Buddha's teaching – as the timeless message embedded in the Four Noble Truths maintains its validity - but how to present this ancient teaching as a meaningful alternative to people who have been shaped by the values of the consumer society. There is a new era of technological innovation sweeping the world, which has spawned a new medium - the Internet's World Wide Web, a very powerful communications network and learning environment. The Internet should not be seen as just a new way to disseminate or repackage the Buddha's teachings but potentially as a base for an innovative online Dharma Community - a Cyber Sangha, that offers alternative social and spiritual values. The internet is essential for many religious individuals in USA and other developed countries; according to a Pew survey, 25 percent of Americans have searched the internet for religious purposes. In less-developed nations, the reality is that, most people lack access or cannot afford the Internet or modem communications. Overall, about 400 million of the world's six billion use the Internet daily. Those growing up on the Internet will one day make up the bulk of the population and there will be very few nonusers down the road. When you look at online religion - it can only be expected to boom. Eight per cent of adults and 12 per cent of teenagers in the US use the Internet for religious or spiritual experiences, and the number is likely to grow rapidly, according to a study. So in spite of the drop in interest in mainstream religions and increasing secularization, which is the view that one's life can or should be carried out without a religious element, the age-old search for meaning has found the new medium - the net. In the same manner Indian population is rapidly increasing on Internet's World Wide Web. Thus the present manuscript will be very much helpful to the beginners as well as regular users.