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Catch U'r Emotions - Never Let It Slip From Your Mind and Heart

by Sudhir Kumar Bhoi

ISBN: 9781618135049

Pages: 60, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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This book consists of some issues and also some beauties relating and encircling around us, octaves in the form of poetry; some of them I saw as true points within a wide spectrum which sometimes we fail to realize. The refractory society can be changed by introspection. The pristine hearts of Upper Vedic age has corrupted since the later Vedic age and still continues till the twenty-first century. As it has been rightly pointed out by some historian, "One should resource from the past those ideas which are the most needed to compensate for the Blind Spots of the present. I could not sum all things, but in the next book, I will surely try to furnish the others. This book is for those who want to understand the situations and changing view of today's world."