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Catchy Colors - An Anthology of Poetry

by Showkat Ahmad Parray

ISBN: 9781545702994

Pages: 99, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Presenting bouqueted enlivening an anthology Wit vibrant, values vent and soothing symphony Poetry appeals to the senses and diverse poetry reflects the whole gamut of world affairs and life experience. This anthology is aimed at enlivening ideals and refreshing the readers' senses. It is a reflection of life as well as a platform of quite new experiences. It complements all sorts of analyses, carrying the motifs of the interest of adults and of children; of the elite and of masses; of nature lovers and of philosophers; of academicians and of entertainment seekers; of vocalists and of readers. It is a doctrine of joy, justice and jurisprudence. There is a spectrum of lively enactments. Needs a thorough groping around the words, phrases, comparisons and assimilations. It pushes for universal fraternity of humans; exploring functional composure at individual level and then radiating it towards society. It aims at promoting the notion of equity, unity and equality. It advocates cohesion of humans and the interactions with environment in terms of observation, appreciation and evaluation of physical features of this great sustaining nature.