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Child Law - A Deep Analysis

by Mayank Khari

ISBN: 9781545708941

Pages: 159, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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This book is dedicated to the children. The future of a country depends on the children. It is a primary duty of every person living in society to provide safe and healthy environment to a child. The constitution of India impose this duty on us that there should be a safe and healthy environment where everyone can live freely and safely. This book presents a deep analysis of problems related to children. This book also discusses the concept of Juvenile Delinquency. Crime by Juveniles is a dark reality in India. In recent time, Juveniles were found to be involved in most heinous crimes such as murder and Gang rape. It's a disturbing trend and society as a whole is anguished by such criminal acts by children. This book will further try to present the statistics related to crime against children and will give a broad outlook toward the crimes committed against children in India