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Class 12th - Class of studies, pranks & relationships

by Honey Makhija

ISBN: 9789385247040

Pages: 96, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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This book is a complete package for teens. It includes everything, right from their studies to their relationships. As many incidents occur in our life, we teens suffer a lot and suffer makes us enjoy. This teenage is the age in which we often get attracted for the opposite gender, we have flirty chats, we have relationships and last stage of the breakup. We students hate studies but we love the school. The story of our hangouts, our trips is all available in this book. As many people tried to define word love, but it is the word which can never be defined, but we have tried our best to give the best definition of love. As everyone in this world wants to become realistic, but no one practices it. You will know different ironically realistic stories.