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Common Life Uncommon Spirit - The Idea She Couldn't Forget

by Hardik Agrawal

ISBN: 9781545723333

Pages: 286, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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After a glorious childhood and a mundane teenage, Avantika finds herself struggling with lost love, drug addictions and failing dreams. When she finally secures her dream job and gets over her past, she is bothered with existential crisis and needs to find meaning in her otherwise boring life. On her journey to be the Entrepreneur she always wanted to be, she must fight the society and her own family too. Being women in the country that has a fixed vision for her capabilities, she has to push beyond the ordinary and fight the whole world alone. She wants to travel the world and build an empire. Her family wants her to get married and raise a child. In the middle of all this drama that life is, Avantika finds inspiration in the darkest of corners and takes the big leap with intensions to change the world for once and forever. While she's on this expedition to the limelight without succumbing to the stereotypes; Avantika narrates her tale of enduring struggles and recurring compromises to Vishal, who looks up to this visionary lady and dreams of a world filled with women like her.