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Contemporary Research in Management

by Ramesh Kumar Chaturvedi

ISBN: 9789388381819

Pages: 222, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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This is an edited book that contains the chapters contributed by budding researchers. The works reported by these researchers are mostly outcome of their research dissertation submitted for award of higher research qualifications. Dynamics in the business environment warrants managers to be abreast of latest changes happening around it that has potential to impact the business. Some of the forces in the environment put detrimental impact where as others bring new opportunities. Being aware of these opportunities is essential to be competitive and develop sound strategy. Further being knowledgeable of potential threats in the environment allows taking proactive steps to mitigate the risks. Scanning the environment and collecting relevant information are important steps to understand the environment. Academic researches provide much needed information to industry through their research outputs. Though academic research is fundamental by nature, yet managers could get deep insights about changes happening in the business environment, expectations of consumers and stakeholders etc. This book presents compilation in form of chapters of some latest research conducted by young academic researchers in field of business and management studies. These researches can prove to be vital for practicing managers by simplifying decision making. The researches presented in this book are from diverse areas and cover wide range of contemporary issues. The book is intended to serve both academic as well as industrial application.