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Daastan -E- Zindagi

by Ankita Soni

ISBN: 9781618137395

Pages: 73, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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This book is basically related to a simple girl oriented and how she faced and solved any differences, difficulty and hurdle from society or any Lakshman Rekha. This story is explained what that simple girl perceived and think about life and sounding their own boundary which she break it. In this I basically tried to create those mesmerizing memories which we all forgot and bend down against problem if it doesn't so much big. Life is beautiful and precious. These beautiful moments you will never ever live again so live in present not in future. This is what we want to called is that an autobiography of mine or about life or memories whatever called it is not just a book it's beauty of memories.