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Dharm Shanka - Dharmo Me Sadiyon Se Unsuljhe Prashno Ke Yatharth Avam Waigyanik Uttar

by Santosh Kumar Mishra "Asaadhu"

ISBN: 9781545708927

Pages: 307, 6x9, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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The book DHARM SANKA is virtually an eye-opening book. This is not only a spiritual book but social and global reforming attempt by the author. The book reveals about the true reasons towards our ancient traditions, rituals and practices in every so called religion which were assumed to be very secret and are still mysterious for the ordinary people. After the passage of time, all such customs have been transformed into orthodox customs or superstitions. The improper interpretations of the so-called religious preachers have also misled the innocent and religious-people to a great extent. Some other salient features of this book are as following:- 1. You may start reading very easily from anywhere in the book. 2. Some important chapters are having "Question-Answer" pattern. 3. The positive messages have been extracted from all the prevailing customs. 4. All about the God and the religious items which every person would like to know. 5. How the life of Adam came to this planet. A very scientific and spiritual new research. 6. Reveal the mysterious, undefined and enigmatic words, which are taught to us in our so-called different religions. 7. Know much more in a very simple way. 8. Read it in your own easy and simple Hindi language, which is closest to the world's most ancient, grammatically most rich, fully scientific and the mother of all the languages in the universe, the Sanskrit.