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Dialects Of The Depth

by Tarun Bharadwaj

ISBN: 9789385247163

Pages: 117, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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It is a poetic parade which brings the broadcast here, depict of acts clearly visible with the deepen gist surge of sentiments submits by remembrance versifies in such manner so that it expresses as an epitome of the 'depth'. This title speaks for itself, which bring my thoughts on paper factitious, non-fictitious, realistic, subjugation and so on, combined in their peculiar way with its delicate dignity to create this sort of certainty. Verily, it is an amalgam of variant feelings out and out with the words which for real whip into shape as prose and vibrant verses. Concretely, its my maiden endeavor to give the flavor in the favor of that world of poetry where usual words, disclosing all unusual mysteries in the most titivating manner.