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Dice of Destiny

by Rushikesh Jaiswal

ISBN: 9781545708583

Pages: 243, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Ritvik, a young intelligent chemist who was fallen in love with Swarali in first sight. Swarali is from rich family background having crush on Ritvik. Riya, a psychiatrist, mutual friend of Ritvik and Swarali. Riya loves Ritvik but never had dare to expose it. Swarali is carrying deep secret with her, which can destroy her life if it got exposed. Somehow this secret which is related to Riya and Ritvik. All three are carrying on with their life until destiny throws a dice in its great game. Inspector Shreyas, an honourable officer having lot of experience in solving insane and mindboggling crime cases, is in chase of a killer which is playing game with whole police department. The killer having brilliant criminal planning is giving hints to cops. Is there any relation between this criminal mastermind and love triangle of Ritvik, Swarali and Riya? Is it connected to Ritvik's past? Does Swarali's secret affect all this stuff? Does Riya has any role in all this? Or is she the reason behind this? Some love stories have twists but in this case the twist and suspense have love story. It is thrilling chase of police officer to catch the best criminal he had ever encountered with. Romantic love story of graduate chemist, a deep secret carried by young rich lady, fascinating attitude of psychiatrist and finally, a horrible and shocking truth.