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Din Koyek Kolkatay, Nilima Roy

by Subhendu Sen

ISBN: 9781545712368

Pages: 127, 5x8, Others
Available Types: Print
Genre: Fiction

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A most ordinary man - a private tutor - goes to Kolkata Book Fair. He is not a book lover. He goes there to find a girlfriend. The same fair is also attended by the famous writer - Nilima Roy, who lives in a foreign country. In the extremely crowded fair, he picks up a diary lying somewhere. He discovers that it belongs to Nilima Roy. Later, in the midnight he goes to return the diary to the writer's hotel. And there he gets stuck with the writer for few days. In this romantic novel, he describes (as a first person) his experiences, observations and realizations during his short stay with the writer. Does he fall in love with the writer?