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Does Love Follow The Newton's 3rd Law?

by Shashi Bhushan

ISBN: 9781618134585

Pages: 116, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Love is very beautiful, don't judge but enjoy the moment of love. All these wonderful moments make your life so beautiful. "Does Love Follow The Newton's Law?" based on a love story, narrates how they have enjoyed every moment. There is no feeling better than love, when you are lost in her beauty and she is lost in your care. You will find how we celebrated every small moment that made our love life so exciting. A girlfriend should be somebody who never pulls you down and encourages you to fight against every problem rather than being sympathetic on your failure. Annanya is such type of girl who really trusts on humanity, she can't tolerate if any one went against her rule, she follows every rule strictly. She loves to smile in other's happiness, her thoughts are beyond away from simple girl, her thoughts and her life inspired me to work for humanity. How her inspiration helped me to survive in this world, how she transformed my life style, how she made my life so easy, how I was able to see that world is so beautiful and amazing and it's very easy to handle the problems.