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The Don of Darbhanga - New York Connection

by Kumar Kaushik

ISBN: 9781545707753

Pages: 108, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Story begins with a teenage boy from fearless Italian elite Sicilian family, takes revenge and turns to be the boss of Italian American Mafia in New York. He becomes nothing less than ruthless crusader of his mission to be the most powerful man of mafia business. His family life changes when he gets introduced with an Indian boy who is charismatic enough and armed with oratory skills.The story then gets combined with Indian family, where war takes place between morality and ego. After many thrilling incidents and crime scenes, the story turns to be something different as initially a reader guesses it is located in USA only, but when American mafia gets its branches stretched in an Indian city named Darbhanga. The story is full of the twists and turns and so much realistic as any reader can feel that he or she is the part of the story. As this story is full of human feelings and relationships as well as it tries to give the perspective of the people who are always fiercely fight with guns and their shrewdness for the sake of power and money and of those who are on the other side, always stand for their morality and how both kind of people coexist by the bound of love and relationships. Story runs from 1930s to present day and it connects the dots between Palermo, Italy and New York, United States of America and Darbhanga, India. Perhaps it is more than just any another mafia fiction which talks about only crimes.