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Dr. Leader - Imbibing Leadership for Holistic Patient Care

by Tuhin S Banerjee, Sarita Ugemuge

ISBN: 9781545712313

Pages: 80, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Dr Leader is a self-help book. Being a good doctor means more than simply being a good physician. The Doctor has to provide leadership to their colleagues, vision for their organizations and for the profession. The leadership role will differ based on the responsibility and experience of the Doctor. The problem is the concept of leadership cannot be covered in medical schools as the courseware covers the vast knowledge of medical science. Once the doctors start working, they get occupied with patients care and welfare. Thus, acquiring leadership skills is only through trial and error and gained through experiences. This book is a practical handbook for doctors to understand the nuances of Leadership in medical practice. This book is a comprehensive account of the key aspects of medical leadership. Assuming leadership roles at all stages of their career is a progressively vital component of the definition of a good doctor. This book will provide invaluable support and guidance to anyone engaged in leadership within the health system. Being an effective medical leader requires a different set of skills from being a good physician. This book will equip the Doctors with high-level skills required for their role. This will include leading and developing multidisciplinary teams, understanding organizational systems, processes and interdependencies, redesigning services and working collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders.