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Droplets of Emotions - An Anthology of Haikus

by Atul Chandra Sarkar

ISBN: 9789388910040

Pages: 205, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Haiku (or Hokku) as it known is a Japanese form of poetry, which in English format consists of an unrhymed verse containing three lines. The first and third lines contain five syllables whereas the second or middle line has seven syllables. A Haiku is one or more graphic images depicting a specific moment that draws one's focus and perforce to think about it. Initially meant to be an exercise for novice poets in the course of time it gathered the interest of readers and soon became an appreciated form of poetry. Its sojourn from Japanese to Western Literature and gradual transformation are equally interesting. ‘Droplets of emotion' as the title suggests is a collection of varying emotions conveyed through inspirational imageries, often moving in and out of the traditional 'Nature' and more often than not bordering on philosophy. Look at a droplet of water and you see everything around it. It's just not water but a world unto itself that stirs emotions. Each haiku is a drop that mirrors the surrounding of its location. Everyone sees blooming and wilted flowers, the sun, the moon and stars, clouds, rains, birds and innumerable things around him, all of them so ordinary and taken for granted. Yet of these some draw instant attention awakening the artist, painter, photographer and poet. Such irresistible things although apparently simplistic are actually complex because in the ultimate analysis each is a wee element of the universe.