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The Dynamics of Homoeopathy

by Aparna Joshi

ISBN: 9781545707654

Pages: 149, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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When a student chooses to practice homoeopathy, he is at a very vulnerable stage and immense inner resources are called upon to trudge along this path. There are multiple digressions and discouragements and unless his beliefs are strong enough, it is very easy to get distracted. This book is intended to assist him in his travails and pep him up when he is in doubt. This book is essentially for those willing to unlearn, step back and take an unprejudiced view, for those open to new ideas and fresh concepts, for those keen to know where and how our system of medicine fits in to modern science and newer discoveries and how we can strive to make homoeopathy more acceptable and less lambasted by our contemporary practitioners of allopathic. For the two systems need not be age old rivals but can serve to complement each other in a unique way, each one by recognizing its own scope and limitations. This book is intended not just for the homoeopath, but also for those interested in it and captivated by its results. It is for the avid reader as well as for the inquisitive seeker. Most of all, it is for the ardent student of homoeopathy who may be riddled with doubts and misgivings of practice. If it can help him set aside his uncertainties, reinforce his convictions and face the world with confidence, my intention is realized and my objective is achieved!