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Eight Steps Towards Ultimate Power

by Vijay Krishna

ISBN: 9781545713334

Pages: 195, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Eight Steps towards Ultimate Power is a rare casket full of shining jewels of principles on how to bloom and magnetize the personality to draw desired glory, greatness and all-round success effortlessly to live life triumphantly and joyously. It shares secrets on how to live life at the optimum: with success and abundance in the outer world, and deep sense of satisfaction, joy and fulfillment in the inner world. With the knowledge of these principles, you become like a child sitting on the threshold of the home, seeking nourishment and light from inside and enjoying the beauty and bounties of the world outside. Man is born with incredible treasures. All that he seeks outside: affluence, health, happiness, success, satisfaction, healing power, all-conquering strength and wisdom lies within. Sadly, it is Man not the world which is in disorder. When we manage ourselves and put ourselves in order and harmony, we find symphony in the orchestra of life. The lessons on self-management shows how to create balance between demand and supply, expectations and fulfillments in the corporate culture of life and make it a celebration.